Bald Eagle Tours

From USD $50.00
  • Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Skytop, PA
  • Product code: PVG1HH

*Resort Guests Only*

Skytop Naturalist Rick Koval on a guided wildlife adventure to see majestic Bald
Eagles at some of the most famous Bald Eagle wintering locations in the
northeast. Rick’s auto tour will visit “hot spots” along the Lackawaxen and
Delaware River watersheds where one can see up-close and personal these
magnificent birds of prey in the wild.

will learn about Bald Eagles and their wintering habitat requirements, why they
were on the brink of extinction, as well as their remarkable comeback.  This 3-4 hour long auto tour along the
Delaware River takes you to some of the most magnificent view sheds in the
upstate New York and Pennsylvania region. Experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
to witness bald eagles soar graciously alongside majestic mountains, perch
stoically in tall trees, hunt for fish amongst icy, frigid waters, and possibly
witness aerial courtship displays prior to their mating season. 

·       Binoculars will be

·       Box lunches available for
a fee ($20)

·       Dress appropriately for
weather conditions

·       Tours on schedule –
weather permitting