Mace Ball

À partir de USD 20,00 $US
  • Durée: 60 Minutes (environ)
  • Lieu: SKYTOP, Pennsylvania
  • Code produit: PLQDM0
Mace Ball is best described as capture the flag with swords!  Our patented “non-lethal”
foam-swords! this exciting, action-packed game offers the ultimate safe, family-friendly experience that engages the whole family.  

Two teams battle Indoor to be the first team to capture the Mace Ball and place it in the other team's basket. Without their team's medic being eliminated. The game ends in one of 3 ways: all
of an opposing team's members have been tagged out, the Mace ball has been placed in the opponent's basket, or a set time limit has passed. If the game ends because the time frame has expired, then the team with the most amount of players knocked out loses.

Is it Safe?

Yes, but failure to adhere to the rules can result in equipment damage and/or personal injury.